Tax & Financial Check-Up Package Plan

Sylvia M. Singleton, CPA offers an annual Personal Financial Package Plan which includes the following services:


Individual Income Tax Preparation Services

You will receive, yearly, an organizer which will include information from your prior year tax returns in order to facilitate your tax documentation and information gathering for the current tax-year.  Once you are ready, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting with you to review your tax information between February 1st and April 5th. During the meeting we will discuss any relevant tax matters that may be pertinent to your situation and answer any questions you may have.

Financial Planning / Financial Check-Up 

You will receive an one-hour annual financial planning/check-up review meeting.  During this meeting we will discuss the financial issues and goals that are most important to you. Topics of choice of most clients include the following:

  1. College Education Planning
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Other Life Goals
  4. Insurance Coverage
  5. Individual/Family Budgeting
  6. Investment Overview
  7. Estate Planning
  8. Tax Related Concerns

Unlimited Communications Via Telephone or Email

Throughout the year you can contact us to discuss any financial, family or life changes which may affect your goals; ongoing communications are welcomed and encouraged as it helps us keep abreast of the changes in your life which may require a reevaluation of your financial plan and tax picture.

Personal Financial Package Plan Pricing

Our Minimum Annual Fee for the Personal Financial Plan Package is $1,500, most clients fall within this category; however, fees may increase depending on the complexity of your tax and planning needs.  You will be informed of the fee applicable to your situation at the time of your Free Consultation so that you are informed of the cost before any work begins.


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