Retired with Limited Income, What About Your Assets?

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Congratulations, you made it to retirement and are eager to start living the relaxed or adventurous lifestyle you dreamed of for over 30 years.  But now that you are no longer working you may be concerned about your financial future.  Too often  adults have not saved enough to meet their needs in retirement and lead the dream lifestyle they envisioned.  Raising children, paying for college and helping with the needs of grandchildren can leave just about anyone with limited financial resources to commit to retirement. Now in retirement, many ask the question what can I do to supplement my social security and retirement plan income? Well, we answer that question by first reviewing the assets in your portfolio. First, we would determine whether the investment strategy of your portfolio is geared to obtaining maximum income, while managing risk, over an extended period of time in a tax savvy manner.  Second, we would look at other assets you may possess. For most retirees, the most significant asset they own is their home.  Yet, for most retirees viewing their home as an investment can be quite difficult, most often because it is the place where they raised their children and they see the home as the legacy they will someday leave to their children. But the home could prove to be an invaluable asset which can help retirees supplement their income.  An advisor would ask: Are you willing to tap into the home’s equity? Is their potential for rental income being generated? Would downsizing reduce your overall operating cost freeing up income spent on home repairs and utilities? Depending on the responses to these questions a strategy can be devised to put the home to work in providing additional financial security.  Additionally, if you live in Massachusetts and meet certain income and residency guidelines you may qualify for a deferral of the home’s property tax obligation which for some can make a significant impact to the quality of daily life in retirement.

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