How Will the Tax Law Changes Affect You in 2018?

Congress has passed tax reform that will take effect in 2018, ushering in some of the most significant tax changes in three decades. Here are some of the most important items in the new bill that impact individual taxpayers:   Reduces income tax rates. The bill retains seven brackets, but at reduced rates, with the … Continue reading “How Will the Tax Law Changes Affect You in 2018?”

Considering Purchasing a Home? Should You Wait?

According to the analysis of industry leading financial analysts, maybe you should. They speculate that the changes in tax reform will lead to lower home prices as real estate investments become less attractive due to loss of tax deductions. The real estate tax deductions up for limitation or complete elimination include the real estate property … Continue reading “Considering Purchasing a Home? Should You Wait?”

Trump Tax Reform, What to Expect?

Follow Us On Major tax reform enactment is a rare event, with the last occurring back in 1986 under President Ronald Reagan. As a result, current discussions could pan out to be much ado about nothing; however, with the solid majorities that Trump and the Republicans hold in both houses of Congress, there is real … Continue reading “Trump Tax Reform, What to Expect?”

Retired with Limited Income, What About Your Assets?

Follow Us On Congratulations, you made it to retirement and are eager to start living the relaxed or adventurous lifestyle you dreamed of for over 30 years.  But now that you are no longer working you may be concerned about your financial future.  Too often  adults have not saved enough to meet their needs in … Continue reading “Retired with Limited Income, What About Your Assets?”

Tax Law. Where is it Headed?

Follow Us On Now that the transfer of power has occurred and our government is in the control of the Republican Party we are expecting significant tax law changes. There is significant support for reducing corporate tax rates and discussion of reducing the number of individual tax rate tiers to also provide individuals with some … Continue reading “Tax Law. Where is it Headed?”



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